Today I’m the Mom

I’m the Mom sitting next to you in carpool line.

Sap all over my car,

Can’t remember the last time I washed it.

Achieved a really nice degree in school,

More than one actually,

Worked in my field until 31

So, I could drive this sappy old Honda

Run my errands,

Stop and grab a box of pizza,

Devour half in carpool line.

Then give it to the kids.

Can’t wait to hear how their day went.

I hear your anxiety.

I know it’s pull too well.

I have lived in its drowning waters

I wonder which mom I will be tomorrow.

I believe I’m here to stay.

I hope.

Occasionally my toe dips into that cold dark water.

Familiarity sends me back

Back to Sunshine

The Sunshine of Daily Imperfection

And it’s comfortable balance.

Yes, here is where I must stay

Seeking to be here

Right now

Facing Forward

Knowing this moment.

By shellbeaches

I enjoy life. I find life is full of gifts, great joy, suffering, disappointments, amazing people, and survivors of more than I can imagine. I believe in respecting other people's thoughts and honoring each other's rights to disagree, because people can build each other up when we listen more deeply to one another. I pray that my words will encourage more thought and care for one another. I believe our world needs healing, and love is the first step. I am married, and I was widowed many years ago. I am a mom, and I have survived and enjoyed much of life. I want to share.

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