Journey to Better

“Are you feeling better?”I hear my loved ones ask. My Fitbit group I started a month ago is still going. I, when well, can put in 10,250 steps per day. Yesterday, I put in 4000. I was nauseous and the room was tilting. I am at that place with this illness I believe an addict… Continue reading Journey to Better

Fighting Vertigo

This week I have fought vertigo. As difficult, and as challenging as this illness can be, I am finding choosing my attitude is very empowering. I have had these inner ear problems since my first husband died. I can go on about that, as I have needed to do in the past. The fact is… Continue reading Fighting Vertigo

New Year

As many of us focus on our diets, habits, and such, I am looking inward. These pursuits of re-examining our eating habits, or health routines is a great endeavor. For me, this time of year is different. January seems to be a measuring stick for me, and I may not be the only one. Take… Continue reading New Year