Becoming Herself

God made her to be her
And so, she chose to be
Full of love and questions
Born a thinker who questioned voraciously

Quietly she endured her younger years
Always feeling unusual
Busily writing
Thought stupid, careless, and even dumb
Beautiful outside, but not knowing in
She tucked herself tightly,
So tight she twinged

How could she be?
So purposeless, so stupid, so lost,
Yet something inside kept her singing
Her volume conveying contentment until lost
So she prayed to him,
And in prayer, she felt love

She heard she was somebody
A creation full of good things
She grew into a woman

Doubting herself she pushed forward
Tenacity, her greatest strength
Often dazed she wondered of her future
To love to care for others
She could do that.
To sing her song in love
She could do that.

To trust in him
To follow him
She held his hand in prayer
Praying, please,
Let me do that.

And so he spoke to her heart daily
Encouraging and cheering
Her biggest fan
In God she placed her trust
Not knowing the way herself

And God showed her all she could be
He lifted her to places
He taught her strength
And even in her weakness
She lived in strength

She learned to sing
She learned how to dance
She learned to embrace life
Even in it’s brief glance
Moving and breathing free floating feather
Allowing for more she became more
And firmly she stands today
With his grace she sways without breaking
And he is glorified

By shellbeaches

I enjoy life. I find life is full of gifts, great joy, suffering, disappointments, amazing people, and survivors of more than I can imagine. I believe in respecting other people's thoughts and honoring each other's rights to disagree, because people can build each other up when we listen more deeply to one another. I pray that my words will encourage more thought and care for one another. I believe our world needs healing, and love is the first step. I am married, and I was widowed many years ago. I am a mom, and I have survived and enjoyed much of life. I want to share.

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