Pyunkang Yul’s ATO Suncream

Ever since Purito’s Green Level Sunblock was removed from the shelves, I found myself forced to part with my trusted sunblock.  I’d like to discuss my latest love, Pyunkang Yul’s ATO Suncream with 45 SPF.

Pyunkang Yul’s ATO Suncream promises 45 SPF protection, which is gentle to the skin using a physical barrier for protection rather than many of the chemical forms found in some sunscreens. The ATO line is especially formulated for sensitive skin, by including ingredients specifically designed for strengthening sensitive skin. One gets the impression that every ingredient is carefully selected.

These ingredients are impressive to me. The suncream passes all EWG ratings, and includes plant based skin nourishing ingredients, such as honeysuckle, green tea, and mugwort extracts, all supporting the skin’s barrier. Pyunkang Yul also includes ceramides which also contribute to maintaining a healthy skin barrier. With no scent added, I enjoy the clean feeling this cream provides. Titanium Dioxide is the one ingredient providing SPF, and I found actually provides both UVA and UVB protection. I’d like to thank for their helpful description of this product for this information regarding ingredients.

My understanding is that Pyunkang Yul is more interested in the simplicity of products than an impressive list of ingredients.  They include the ingredients necessary for each skin type in each of their lines, but are very no frills.  I also understand their lab has been around for a very long time as a skin care treatment center using the old Asian ways to cure common skin struggles and concerns.  I think it’s interesting that Pyuankang Yul chose to avoid adding Zinc to this suncream.  Most people look for both ingredients to consider it effective for both UVA & UVB, and yet, they ignored that trend it seems and did exactly what they purport to do which is to provide the skin with simply what it needs for it’s environment and nothing more. I have noticed internet discussions with concerns regarding this issue. Many are not comfortable without the zinc. For these types of concerns, your dermatologist is your best ally.

As far as my skin type goes, my skin type is combination, acne prone, mature, and highly sensitive.  Therefore, I have learned to be picky regarding my skincare choices. Many tried and true products will turn me into a tomato of inflammation and itchy redness I learned from a young age. I think that’s where I developed my insatiable curiosity for what actually works. I learn so much about brands to try these days from a wonderful on line group lead by KBeauty

But, back to Pyunkang Yul, or PY, what I love about this product is it’s simplicity, and it’s effectiveness.  I love how soothing it is to my skin.  I find myself using it without wanting to put makeup on top of it, because it leaves my skin with a dewy glow.  I also love that it’s broad spectrum.  I love using it as my daycream, whether I leave the house or not.  Why do I do that?  Because, it makes me happy. I also love a high quality product which is cruelty free.  I also love knowing it works for me.  The cream disappears into the skin leaving no white cast at all.  To have a physical sunblock, voted safe by EWG standards, that does not sit on the skin in a pasty white formation, is to me a true victory in skincare.  If we are able to enjoy using it, we will wear it daily.  Wearing sunblock daily is something many of us do not wish to do.  I know for me it meant stinging eyes and the white paste on my face.  This product is beautiful on the skin, and a joy to wear. 

With it’s rise in popularity, it’s about five dollars more than I like to spend on sunblock on line currently, but the tube does last a very long time. 

I purchased this product myself out of curiosity.  No one is paying me for my review. 

Where to Purchase:

As I write this blog post, I’m noticing this product is sold out across most sites.  It’s apparently a hot item.  I went to Amazon to the Pyunkang Yul storefront and clicked on ATO line.  I will run out soon ironically, so I was excited to see Pyunkang Yul is the seller and the delivery is fulfilled by Amazon.  If you use Amazon I recommend checking the seller, seeing who fulfills the order, and of course reviews.  I have yet to have a problem using Amazon by using those steps.   Also, I was able to purchase it recently for as low as $12 off YesStyle.  But, they are out.  I will list sites I trust.  I paid more than I like to pay on Amazon, but I love it!

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I enjoy life. I find life is full of gifts, great joy, suffering, disappointments, amazing people, and survivors of more than I can imagine. I believe in respecting other people's thoughts and honoring each other's rights to disagree, because people can build each other up when we listen more deeply to one another. I pray that my words will encourage more thought and care for one another. I believe our world needs healing, and love is the first step. I am married, and I was widowed many years ago. I am a mom, and I have survived and enjoyed much of life. I want to share.

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