Becoming Herself

God made her to be her And so, she chose to be Full of love and questions Born a thinker who questioned voraciously


Denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance, yes, these are the stages of grief. “Where are you Shelley Collins in your stages of grief?” I remember clearly being asked that question by a well meaning therapist within three months of my first husband’s death. Having no idea what was even on the grief cycle anymore, even as… Continue reading Integration

Not Me

I never thought it could happen to me. I am an avid sunblock wearer. I wear it in the car, every day, everywhere. It’s such a habit, I have put it on just to go out for a walk in the late afternoon, as the sun is going down. But, yesterday, my dermatologist and my… Continue reading Not Me

Journey to Better

“Are you feeling better?”I hear my loved ones ask. My Fitbit group I started a month ago is still going. I, when well, can put in 10,250 steps per day. Yesterday, I put in 4000. I was nauseous and the room was tilting. I am at that place with this illness I believe an addict… Continue reading Journey to Better

Fighting Vertigo

This week I have fought vertigo. As difficult, and as challenging as this illness can be, I am finding choosing my attitude is very empowering. I have had these inner ear problems since my first husband died. I can go on about that, as I have needed to do in the past. The fact is… Continue reading Fighting Vertigo