Feeling so much better, and I am excited to share this experience. A weight has been lifted from my soul. Hope and joy flood my heart and what has drug me downward is no longer even in my thoughts without a quick dismissal. Better. What a joy to be better! Facing an illness of any… Continue reading BETTER

New Year

As many of us focus on our diets, habits, and such, I am looking inward. These pursuits of re-examining our eating habits, or health routines is a great endeavor. For me, this time of year is different. January seems to be a measuring stick for me, and I may not be the only one. Take… Continue reading New Year

Today I’m the Mom

I’m the Mom sitting next to you in carpool line. Sap all over my car, Can’t remember the last time I washed it. Achieved a really nice degree in school, More than one actually, Worked in my field until 31 So, I could drive this sappy old Honda Run my errands, Stop and grab a… Continue reading Today I’m the Mom

At First

At first I felt lost. I sat there holding my six month old upon learning the news that two blocks away, my husband was killed instantly in a car accident. How does one face life after such a tragedy?  I have had the gift of finding the answers to those questions for myself over the… Continue reading At First

Perfection is not the Goal

  As I sit here tonight with nausea, listening to my daughter in her room singing to her music, I am looking forward to our next adventure.  She turned 15 this Saturday, and we had a small  gathering.  Our real party will be happening this coming Thursday. We are going to St. Francisville, Louisiana where my… Continue reading Perfection is not the Goal